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Sweet Corn Season

Sweet Corn Season. It's a capital-letter-phrase in our household, and it's an experience that I've been looking forward to sharing. Let me tell you the story.

When I turned 12, my parents bought me a cheap, above-ground pool for my birthday to replace the old stock tanks we used to swim in (hashtag farmlife, am I right?). It came with a catch (of course): my brother and I were going to help pick and sell sweet corn the following summer to pay for it.

And thus was born the annual Sweet Corn project.

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In Memory of Grandpa

My grandfather, Leonard, passed away at age 93 on Thursday. He was a kind, gentle man. A father, a husband, and - as many of the other men in my life - a farmer.

What a great blessing I had last weekend when I had the chance to stop by and see Grandpa on one of his last days here. He didn't remember me, but he knew it was lambing season.

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