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I Just PR'd a Little

Today (for the second time in my life) I did something I never-ever-ever thought I could do. Today I ran my second half marathon.

Today I want to talk empowerment.

The idea of empowerment can be scary. We hear all the time how we should empower women or empower those in poverty to better themselves.

But you know what? I don't think it's just women. Or adolescents. Or low-socioeconomic status folks. Or people with anxiety. I think it's everybody. I think we all struggle with believing we can be (and pursuing) the best we can be.

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Rain or Shine

Well, I did it. I'm officially a finisher of the Colorado Half Marathon. What can I say about it? It was fun(?) It was hard. And really cold.

For a May 1st race, I expected to be wearing a tank top and shorts. Mother Nature had other ideas.

We ran the race as if living in the old Window's screensaver, with snow falling on us the duration of the 13.1 miles. It was cold while we were waiting for the start, then glorious as we warmed up, then absolutely frigid once we cooled off and the wet weather chilled us to the core.

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I've been learning a lot about myself and about life this year. Training for the half marathon (my New Year's Resolution, in case you hadn't heard) has been a big part of this journey.

Training for a half = many miles of running. Which actually equals many hours of running. That's right: hours. Honestly, I never thought I would say the words running and hours in the same sentence. What has become of me?

I thought I would take the beginning of this new month to share with you a few of the lessons that I've learned this year.

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Resolution Update: Failures, Freak-outs, and Fixes

I turned around this morning and realized that it's February.

It was like bumping into a friend at the grocery store - one whom I meant to call last week and just didn't get around to it. February's a good friend, but I just wasn't thinking about her until I saw her standing there.

"Oh hey, February! I didn't realize you were there..."

And why am I turning red there in the cereal aisle of the imaginary grocery-store-slash-calendar? Oh you know, because all those good intentions that January and I promised each other seem to have faded in just a few short weeks.

Yes, I'm talking about resolutions.

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How to Set a New Year's Resolution You'll Actually Keep

A few years ago, I belonged to a gym that was just down the street from our house. I joined in July and faithfully went about three or four times per week through the summer, then fall, and into the winter. I figured out just the right time when it wasn't too busy and I could grab a treadmill without a wait.

But then came January. And the gym. Was. Packed.

Every treadmill - in use.

All the free weights - gone from their resting place.

The indoor walking track - completely packed.

As a healthcare professional, seeing all the people working out delighted my heart! As a regular gym-goer, I was incredibly annoyed.

I needn't have worried, though; a month later the gym was back to its normal capacity. The good-intentioned New-Years-Resolution folks had tired - or (more likely) had come up with valid reasons that excused them from completing their goals.

Let's be honest - we've all been there. I've certainly been there. We've all set goals that we genuinely intend to keep. But somehow things come up, we run out of time, or we just plain run out of motivation.

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