In-Home Meal Preparation

In-Home Meal Prep by Ann Kent, MS, RDN, CDE of Peas and Hoppiness -

Prepping meals ahead of time saves you time, money, and stress. You know this because you care about your health.

But not everyone has hours to spend in the kitchen every week. Maybe you’ve never done meal prep before and you’re not sure how to start. What if you don’t know how to hold a chef’s knife or what it means to “dice” versus “mince?” What if you simply don’t have time to figure this all out on your own?

Never fear, my friend. You are not alone; I am here to help.

In addition to customizing meal plans I love to teach people the secrets of making healthy food taste delicious!

I offer in-home meal prep (that’s right, in YOUR kitchen where I assume you do most of your cooking) to not only prepare as many meals for the week as you’d like me to, but also to show you how to do it.

Along the way, we’ll talk about the foods we’re making and what makes them so great nutritionally. You’ll get to pick my brain about the pros and cons of low-carb versus low-fat diets and why I hate juice cleanses.

The first time I come into your home I want you to meet me in the kitchen for at least a short time. After that, if you just love my cooking (like my friends do), I’ll happily come spend an afternoon in your home prepping your meals for the week while you get other chores done.


What’s Included

  • Complimentary phone call to discuss your vision for the meals and to customize your food options.

  • Meals cooked in your home - choose from a week’s worth of meals OR a la carte meal options

  • 1 “meal” includes either

    • 1 entree + 2 sides with servings for 4 people

    • OR 1 breakfast + 1 snack for 4 people

  • Nutrition expert & home cook to teach you techniques and answer nutrition questions during the session

  • Groceries for recipes are included, and I do the shopping. Vegetables sourced locally from Miller Farms when in season.

  • Option to add on additional meals (each meal includes 1 entree + 1-2 sides)

  • Travel within 30 miles of Ann’s home office in Fort Collins, CO


Let’s Get Started!

Week’s Worth of In-Home Meal Prep


5 Meals + Groceries + In-Home prep (including teaching): $499.99
+ 1 add’l meal: $89.99 // + 2 add’l meals: $159.99


A la Carte In-Home Meal Prep


First meal + Groceries + In-Home prep (including teaching): $249.99 //
+ 1 add’l meal: $89.99 // + 2 add’l meals: $159.99 // + 3 add’l meals: $209.99


View Sample Meal Options (coming soon)

Choose from one of our most popular options or discuss additional meal plan options during your complimentary phone call.
Each meal includes 1 entree + 1-2 sides OR 1 breakfast + 1 snack


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