What’s for Dinner?


Do you shudder when you’re asked, “What’s for dinner?”

Are you constantly running to the grocery store for supplies at the last minute?

Does it stress you out to try and find healthy recipes which actually taste good?

Peas & Hoppy Meals are here to help!

Peas & Hoppy Meals

Monthly Plan: $8/month

Quarterly (3-month) Plan: $6/month

Who are Peas & Hoppy Meals Designed for?

Peas & Hoppy Meals is a monthly meal plan subscription. Plans are designed to be flexible to meet a variety of dietary needs and different lifestyles. Recipes can easily be modified to suit the needs of Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Vegetarian, and “Fuel Food” for those needing more calories for exercise.

Pick and choose the recipes which are right for you - or use them all! Whether you’re a family of two or six, these plans can work for you. Servings are listed on the plans for you to adjust the recipes and grocery list according to your needs.


What’s Included in Peas and Hoppy Meals?

Each week you’ll receive an e-mail + printable PDF files including:

  • A weekly meal plan:

    • 4 cooked dinner ideas (because you don’t need to cook every night to be healthy)

    • 2 Grab & Go Lunch ideas (because sometimes you need something quick!)

    • 2 breakfast ideas (because I think Breakfast is the Best)

    • 2 snack ideas (because I get hungry at 3pm and I figured some of you do, too)

  • Separate meal plans & grocery lists for Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Vegetarian, and “Fuel Food” specialty plans

  • Recipes for all cooked meals

  • Grocery List

  • “Pro-tips” along the way to teach you a little more about planning & cooking

What makes Peas & Hoppy Meals Different?

Meal plans, recipes, and pro-tips are written, designed, and tested by Ann Scheufler Kent, MS, RDN, CDE (ahem, that’s me). I’m not only an expert in nutrition, I’m also a real-life person who Loves (with a capital “L”) food.

Meal plans are based on seasonally available produce in northern Colorado and always make use of my CSA Veggies from Miller Farms during the summer.

I’m a cook, not a chef; as long as you can follow instructions, you can make these recipes. My family and friends eat these meals. They’re real people; they eat their veggies but also like to enjoy “soul food.” Meal plans include a balance of “healthy” plus “delicious” so you can feel good about fueling your body, but also love the food you eat.