Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides

Everyone finds themselves stuck in a rut with cooking every once in a while. Meal guides are designed to give you tasty, healthy recipe ideas your whole family will love! Use these guides to inspire you to try new foods and balance your day with quality food.


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Meal Guides

Starting at $5.99/month

Meal Guides

Starting at $9.99/month


What’s Included in Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides

Meal Guides are emailed to you weekly on Thursdays. Each week you’ll receive an e-mail + printable PDF files including:

  • A weekly meal plan:

    • 4 cooked dinner ideas (because you don’t need to cook every night to be healthy)

    • 2 Grab & Go meal ideas (because sometimes you need something quick!)

    • 2 breakfast yums (because I think Breakfast is the Best)

    • 2 snack inspirations (because I get hungry at 3pm and I figured some of you do, too)

  • Printable grocery list

  • Recipes for all cooked meals

  • “Pro-tips” along the way to teach you a little more about planning & cooking

What’s a Meal Guide and How is it Different than a Meal Plan?

Life is unexpected, and we know that. That’s why instead of rigid meal plans, meal guides are designed to be flexible based around your changing schedule. Recipes are meant to inspire you to try new things without taking you away from the important things in life, like date night out with your significant other or catching up with friends over happy hour.

Here’s what’s unique about our meal guides and some tricks to make the most of them:

  • Only 4 cooked meals: Let’s be honest - it takes time and effort to cook, and you’re likely not even going to eat at home every night of the week. Cooking 4 meals (complete with leftovers) is enough to give you healthy options with the flexibility to enjoy dinner out once in a while.

  • Grab & Go meals: These meal inspirations take less than 30 minutes (and usually less than 10) to throw together. These are great for “back-up plans” when you worked later than expected so you don’t have to stop for fast food on the way home.

  • Adjustable serving sizes: Meal guides are based around serving a family of 4, with leftover-friendly recipes often making 8 servings. If you have more or fewer eaters, you can adjust recipes accordingly. Need leftovers? Double a recipe! Not feeding so many people? Cut it in half.


Meal guides, recipes, and pro-tips are written, designed, and tested by Ann Kent, MS, RDN, CDE (ahem, that’s me). I’m not only an expert in nutrition, I’m also a real-life person who Loves (with a capital “L”) food.

Meal guides are based on seasonally available produce in northern Colorado and always make use of my CSA Veggies from Miller Farms during the summer.

I’m a cook, not a chef; as long as you can follow instructions, you can make these recipes. My family and friends eat these meals. They’re real people; they eat their veggies but also like to enjoy “soul food.” Meal guides include a balance of “healthy” plus “delicious” so you can feel good about fueling your body, but also love the food you eat.


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