Hello, world.

Well, here we go. I've considered the idea of blogging for several years, but I always talked myself out of it. What would I say? Who would I say it to? I always thought I would be just one more person in the vast span of the Internet.

Buuut then I talked to a few people (namely, my amazing mother) and they were very encouraging. And then a few people noticed pictures of food I posted online. So here I am, starting my very own blog.

There are a few things you should know about me if you're going to bother to read anything I write, so I suppose I'll use this very first blog to tell you a bit about my philosophy and where I come from.

I love food. No, really. I love it. I love cooking it, eating it, growing it, learning about it, thinking about it, planning meals, going to the grocery store... I could go on. But you'll probably get a pretty good sense of how much I love food if you spend more than five minutes with me.

I believe in science. I have a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics and one of the most important things I learned in school was how to read research. In my job as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) I practice evidenced-based nutrition counseling. When I write about nutrition, I will provide appropriate citations. If you disagree with me, I encourage you to respond with your point of view and also cite your references.

I have the best friends and family. Hands down, the best. The best parents, the best friends, and amazing co-workers. I am the luckiest.

I love travel. I have learned a lot from school. I have learned a lot by reading. From watching the news, from talking to people who have different beliefs than my own. But what I have learned from traveling has surpassed it all. Ever since spending three months studying abroad in Spain in college, I have yearned to see and experience as much of the world as I can.

I came from the farm. A large, "industrial," family farm in Central Kansas that grows wheat, corn, soybeans, and milo. My parents also believe in using science to answer questions and taught me to think critically, solve problems, and work hard. I am ever thankful for the experience of growing up where I did with the parents I have.

I think that's all for now. So, here we go. Thanks for joining me on this ride.

Ann KentComment