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Mulberry Cobbler (with a side of Childhood)

In case you haven't heard, summer is my favorite time of year. It's been that way since childhood - probably because I had a pretty great childhood.

Once school got out for the summer, I was free to be a farm kid. My best friend, Annette, luckily lived across the road from me and she and I practically lived at each others' houses.

We spent the summer swimming in the stock tank (that's the farm kid version of a swimming pool), rescuing baby bunnies and kittens, rearranging the bales in the hayloft to make forts and mazes.

My brother and I played in the wheat trucks during harvest and my parents taught taught us to work by picking and selling sweet corn. I helped my mom make lunches and helped Annette's mom make homemade ice cream sandwiches.

One of my sweetest childhood memories is picking mulberries off the tree in Annette's backyard. We were constantly barefoot (like any good farm kid), so it was easy to tell where we'd been - we'd show back up to the house with stained hands, mouths, and feet.

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