Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Plastic-Free Packaging and Zero-Waste Shipping


A Woman-owned and founded eco-conscious shop with the mission to provide a one stop locale to purchase products which are good for you and Mother Earth

Our family is on a journey to reduce the plastic in our household and using sustainable, eco-friendly goods.

I wish I could say this has been easy, but it hasn’t – which is why I was so thankful when I stumbled across Tiny Yellow Bungalow. This small business was founded and owned by Jessie, a mom and fellow journeyer of a low impact life.

She has made our transition towards plastic-free and eco-conscious so much easier.

Before finding her store, I was spending hours researching different products: What soap would clean the dishes without coming in a plastic bottle? How can I get rid of toothpaste tubes and still keep my dentist happy?

Jessie has taken the guesswork out of eco-friendly products. The products on her site work well and meet her high standards of non-toxic and plastic-free ingredients and packaging.

Note: you’ll find affiliate links throughout; I earn a commission on any purchase you make using these links. I’m sharing these because I love this company.

A Few Favorite Eco-Friendly Products from Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Reusable produce bags and bulk bags: these are a fabulous replacement for those terrible plastic produce bags at the store. You know: the ones that rip and spill all your veggies, are too flimsy to reuse, and can’t be recycled. I wash my bags every couple of uses (or more frequently for dirty produce) and keep them with my reusable totes to take to the store every time. 

Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets with Flouride: toothpaste tubes are impossible to recycle and remain in landfills for a long, long time. Tablets are a great alternative to toothpaste – and I finally found these which have fluoride! Tablets are different than paste and remind me of the tooth polishing experience at the dentist. To brush, place a tablet in your mouth and chew it up – try to spread it around your teeth as much as possible – then use your toothbrush as normal. Tablets won’t be as “frothy” as paste, which is totally normal; it takes a few tries to get used to, but these tablets leave your breath minty fresh! 

These yogurts in glass containers are perfect for up-cycling! (and they’re delicious)
These yogurts in glass containers are perfect for up-cycling! (and they’re delicious)
Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets in their up-cycled yogurt jar
Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets in their up-cycled yogurt jar

Reusable Menstrual Cup: for women with a flow, a menstrual cup will change. your. life. I started using one about 10 years ago and have never looked back. At first I thought it was “gross,” but then I learned how to sterilize and clean my menstrual cup (spoiler alert: it’s super easy). The 12-hour wear time makes this GREAT for travel (no changing in airport bathrooms) and camping (nothing to dispose of). Minimal leakage (same as a tampon, TBH) and quite comfortable (you don’t know you’re wearing it). Lunette also happens to be my favorite brand, but I recommend to do a little of your own research before purchasing to figure out what would work best for your body. 😊 

Biodegradable Soap Pouch: I recently received this in my GreenUp Box and can’t believe how much I love it! It’s extended the life of our soap bar by at LEAST 3 times! This makes it so much more affordable to purchase handmade soap instead of big box brands. Well worth the $6. 

Gosh, I could go on.

Instead, I think you should go check out Jessie’s site.

Drop a comment with the new product you’re going to try next on your own journey towards eco-friendly living. I can’t wait to hear what you choose!

Happy shopping,


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