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Peas & Hoppy Affiliate Program

Meal Planning Service for Non-Diet Healthcare Professionals

Spend More Quality Time With Your Clients

We'll take care of meal planning

How many times has a client asked if you’ll make them a meal plan? Ugh, it’s so frustrating – you do so much more than just “make menus!”

Become a Peas & Hoppy Affiliate and empower your clients with a meal planning resource safe from diet culture.

Add value to your coaching programs, save time from making meal plans, and earn passive income for each client who becomes a member.

Meal Planning Template

You're an expert in your field.

Let us take care of the recipes.

I'm Dietitian Ann

I’m Ann Kent, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and creator of the Peas and Hoppy Meal Guide Membership. I’m on a mission to make family mealtime easier, tastier, and healthier.

I write “Meal Guides,” instead of “Meal Plans,” because you and I both know it’s only your client who can create a plan for the week that they’ll be able to follow.

When you refer a client to the membership, we’ll teach them practical meal planning skills, help them create delicious, nutrient-dense meals, and give them customizable weekly menus for inspiration and ongoing success.

woman with short brown hair handing a bowl of fresh tomato salsa to a man. They are sitting at the dinner table and the woman is smiling.

Delicious, Nutritious Meal Plans (Hold the Diet Culture)

When I worked as a diabetes educator (CDCES) I used to send patients home with recipe packets and cookbook suggestions. But it was just too overwhelming (for both of us!) and patients weren’t able to follow through.

So, I created a weekly meal planning service that includes real food using easy-to-follow recipes with ingredients you can find in every store.

I practice from an Intuitive Eating approach. When your client joins the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides, they’re not going to be bombarded with diet messages that you’ll have to undo during sessions.

Instead, you’ll find your clients trying new foods, enjoying dessert and snacks, and – lo and behold – joyfully incorporating more plant foods into their eating pattern!

What our members are saying...

"Before the Meal Guides I was struggling with fear of using some foods... it made me overly restrictive. The Meal Guides help with balancing out my meals; not serving too much food, and being a more adventurous cook."

-Pat Harry, Member of the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides

Peas & Hoppiness Affiliate Program

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Complete our application form in just 5 minutes! This program is ideal for non-diet dietitians and other healthcare providers looking for a not-diet approach to balanced, delicious eating.

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Include Meal Guide membership as part of your coaching options to add value to your offerings. Add the link to your website, on your social media profile, or simply tell your friends!

Empower your Clients

Spend the 1-1 time with your clients in areas they need. We’ll take care of meal planning. Earn 30% commission (about $5) per person every month for the lifetime of the client membership!

Join our live demo of the Peas & Hoppy Affiliate program for a look inside the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guide Membership.
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Your Clients Need the Skills to Meal Plan

It’s hard to get a healthy dinner on the table, especially when you’re busy. It’s even harder if you’ve never done this before!

Help Your Clients Get Dinner On the Table When Life is Crazy

For long term success, your clients need the skills to know how to meal plan around a busy schedule. They need to know what to do if their schedule changes last minute and have the resources to make this happen.

Practical, Easy, and Delicious Recipes (Beginner-Friendly!)

Busy families and professionals don’t have time to search through piles of cookbooks for the perfect recipe. They need easy, practical, balanced, and delicious options at their fingertips.

HAES-Friendly, Weight-Inclusive, and Anti-Diet Meal Inspiration

Don’t send your clients to a resource that might reinforce diet culture. There aren’t any “skinny,” “clean,” or “guilty” recipes in our database. Just nutritionally-balanced, joyful, delicious meals!

Current Affiliates

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Affiliate Program FAQs

An affiliate program is a way to earn money by referring new clients to our membership program.

When you become an affiliate, we give you a unique link which tracks sales and credits a portion back to you. You can share this link on your website, social media profile or posts, YouTube channel or videos, or direct in an email to people you know.

With our affiliate program you earn 30% lifetime recurring commission on each person who signs up for membership using your affiliate link. This equals about $5 per month for a monthly member of the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides, or about $60 per year.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer. Invite as many people as you’d like and earn as much as you want!

As an affiliate you earn 30% lifetime recurring commission on each person who signs up for membership using your affiliate link.

This equals about $5 per month for a monthly member of the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides, or about $60 per year for each person you refer. If you refer 10 friends, you can earn up to $600 every year!

It doesn’t cost a thing! There are no minimum sales to be an affiliate. You’ll receive your commission once you reach $50 or more in your account on our designated payout day every month.

The cookie life for the Peas & Hoppiness affiliate program is 90 days. If you share a link with your audience and they make a purchase within 90 days, it will be credited to you as an affiliate referral.

Anyone is welcome to become a Peas & Hoppiness Affiliate! You don’t need to be a member of the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides.

To be successful with your affiliate marketing, we recommend you become familiar with the product. To understand more about the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guide Membership, watch this video or complete a free trial so you know what’s all included in membership.

If you have more questions or would like a virtual tour of the membership, please contact us and we’d be happy to set this up!

Once you meet the minimum threshold of $50, affiliates are paid once per month via PayPal in USD. There is a 30 day waiting period for payouts after a commission is earned. This allows time for possible refunds and minimizes transactions.

Please note that you are responsible for reporting and paying taxes on your earnings.

Once you’re approved to be an affiliate, you can sign into your affiliate account. In your account you’ll have access to your unique affiliate link, graphics to use in your marketing, and an overview of payment information. You can also create custom links to specific pages on our website to use in blog posts or social media.

Apply here to become an affiliate. We’ll review your application within 48 business hours. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with how to start referring the busy families you know!

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