Ann Scheufler Kent, MS, RDN, CDE

Ann Scheufler Kent, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Fort Collins, Colorado

Your nutrition information should come from an expert.

I know food. Let me help you navigate your journey to quality nutrition, good health, and love of life.


Nutrition INformation from a real Expert

You hire a plumber when your sink leaks. You consult your financial adviser for a retirement plan. You go to the doctor when you’re sick. So don’t let Google or your next door neighboor’s aunt advise you on nutrition.

Ann Scheufler Kent, MS, RDN, CDE:
What the Credentials Mean

  • Master of Science in Nutrition (MS): I completed my Master of Science in Dietetics & Nutrition from the University of Kansas Medical Center. For my thesis I created and validated a quiz to give to patients to assess their ability to count carbohydrates while working as a research assistant for the KU Diabetes Institute.

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN): I completed my undergraduate degree in Dietetics & Nutrition at Kansas State University, completed an internship (composed of clinical, community, and foodservice experience) at The University of Kansas Medical Center, and passed a national registration exam. I also keep up continuing education hours as part of this credential to ensure I bring you the most up-to-date nutrition guidelines. Nutrition is a baby science, after all! We all must keep learning. Read more

  • Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE): I’ve worked with diabetes since 2012 alongside some brilliant endocrinologists. In 2014 I passed the national exam to become a Certified Diabetes Educator after working in the field for two years and spending over 1,000 hours teaching about diabetes. This is a credential I also maintain with continuing education hours. Read more

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Farmers’ Market & Fresh Veggies!

Farmers’ Market & Fresh Veggies!

The World’s Best Italian Sandwich from Capriotti’s

The World’s Best Italian Sandwich from Capriotti’s


Recipes from a Real Cook (not a Chef)

You’re busy. You might work, have a family, and run between five different activities all in the same evening. Somehow, you still want to eat healthy, delicious food.

Or maybe it’s just that your experience in the kitchen is limited to microwaving frozen dinners and cooking boxed mac ‘n cheese. So when someone tells you how healthy kale is, your first thought is, “What the heck am I going to do with that?!”

The recipes I create are designed for you: delicious, made with real ingredients, and aren’t rocket science. I know they’re designed for you because I design them for me, and I face these challenges, too.

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Four ingredients.  Roasted Asparagus

Four ingredients. Roasted Asparagus


Agriculture Musings from a Real Farm Girl

I grew up on Scheufler Farms in Central Kansas. In the summer I played in the wheat truck and helped my mom make lunches. When I muse about sustainability, I think both of the farmer and of the consumer - because both are dear to my heart.

I understand that for farmers, sustainability is synonymous with able to make a living. I also know the food crisis America has found herself in, where she produces lots of calories, but not enough nutrition.

I don’t have the answers, but I hope to be part of the conversation which changes the way we think about food and agriculture.

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Is one ever really too old to play in a wheat truck?

Is one ever really too old to play in a wheat truck?


Encouragement from a Real Human

Taking care of yourself is hard. Making yourself a priority is hard. You don’t have to do it alone.

Creating new habits isn’t something which happens overnight. Part of the journey towards good health is finding a community.

In addition to understanding the science of food, I know how to help my clients reach their goals. I believe healthy living is 90% mental and 10% what you know. I can help bridge the gap between knowing what you should do and actually doing it.

So welcome. Welcome to the journey of good food, good health, and love of life.

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