Plastic-Free Swaps for Personal Care, Cleaning, & Shopping


Celebrate Plastic-Free July by choosing an item in your house to swap with a plastic-free alternative.

When I started my plastic-free journey a few years ago, I felt pretty overwhelmed at first – everywhere I looked I was using something made with plastic, packaged in plastic, or shipped in plastic.

But perfectionism is the enemy of progress, so this year I decided to take it one step – one product – at a time and now I’ve found a collection of great products for all the rooms in our house.

Although we’re not 100% zero waste, we’ve significantly cut down on single-use plastic and have become so much more aware of how we can continue to do better.

Watch the video for a review of my favorite products and sources, including options for personal care swaps, plastic-free cleaning, and plastic-free shopping. See links below to review my favorite products; some include affiliate links for which I earn a commission – but all are products I personally use and love.

YouTube video

Since creating this video, I’ve discovered a few new plastic-free options that work great for our family. One is Repurpose; I specifically love their biodegradable kitchen trash bags that actually WORK (as in – don’t break when I use them). Check them out also for bamboo paper towels, toilet paper, and compostable single-use plasticware, cups, and plates.

Plastic-Free Swaps Video Content

Time stamp for each topic included in parentheses; fast-forward to relevant content.

Why is plastic a problem? (1:51)

  •  How it’s made
  • How it affects our health
  • How it’s disposed of
  • Choosing thoughtful alternatives to plastic

Plastic-Free Personal Care Swaps (6:36)

Plastic-Free Cleaning Supplies (12:39)

Plastic-Free Shopping (18:25)

Have a specific product for which you’re looking for a plastic-free alternative, but don’t see it on the list? Drop a comment and I’ll share if I have any ideas!

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