Individual Nutrition Consultation

For all of the "Googling" and reading and home research, sometimes you just need to sit down with an expert and talk about how the recommendations apply to you. You - a person with your own challenges and personal strengths.

If you're ready to change eating and exercise habits to feel better inside and out, I'm here to help. Whether you live in the Northern Colorado area or half-way across the globe, technology allows me to offer personalized nutrition consultations wherever you are to meet your individual needs.


Complimentary Get-to-Know-You Session

Choosing a nutritionist is like choosing a therapist: you have to know if the two of you “click” before you commit.

I get it. So let’s chat.

During this 30-minute session we’ll spend time getting to know each other. I’ll have a chance to assess your needs and learn what kind of homework I need to do for you. You’ll have a chance to get a feel for my nutritional and counseling philosophy and decide if my office is the place for you.

You won’t walk out of this session with a meal plan or a book of recipes, but you’ll have a good idea if you’d like to come back. I’ll send you on your way with food for thought and goals to ponder.


Initial Nutrition Consultation

During this 90-minute coaching session we’ll dive deep into your health and wellness goals. The session starts with a thorough assessment of your individualized nutrition needs. I'll answer those nutrition questions you've always wondered about.

Based on that needs assessment you’ll go home with a sample meal plan based on your nutrition goals, resources (and recipes!) to create meals at home, and a very specific goal for you to focus on.

Included in this session

  • 90 minute personalized coaching session individualized to meet your needs
  • Analysis of 3-day food log (at time of appointment)
  • Sample 1 month meal plans for your calorie needs including recipes and resources

Interested in saving money by bundling nutrition services? Check out my Nutrition & Wellness Packages 


Follow-Up Nutrition appointment

Changing habits takes time and attention, which is why I'm here to help. Follow-up appointments are designed to identify what worked and (usually more importantly) what didn't work for you in pursuing health goals. We'll troubleshoot problems together, redesign meal plans, and continue to set individualized goals.

Included in this session

  • 45 minute personalized coaching session individualized to meet your needs
  • Analysis of 3-day food log (at time of appointment)
  • Sample 1-week meal plan for your calorie needs including recipes and resources
Nutrition & Wellness Packages

Nutrition & Wellness Packages

I know changing lifelong habits can be tough, which is why I've designed my nutrition & wellness packages to support you inside my office and in between appointments.

Choose the length of time you'd like to commit to and I'll be there for consultations, personalized meal planning, and all your in-between questions - such as offering same-day feedback on your daily food logs.

For pricing details for Individual Consultation, click here.