seasonal produce

Credible nutrition information, cooking tips, product recommendations, and reflections on sustainability from Dietitian Ann.

Benefits of Seasonal Eating to your Health, Planet, Budget, and Local Economy

To eat seasonally means to choose foods which naturally become ripe during each period of the year. Why should you eat seasonally?

Nutrition Facts for Lettuce and Uses for Various Salad Greens

Which type of lettuce should you use? This overview of the nutrition information, flavor, and texture of different greens will help you choose the

5 Winter Squash to Stock up on this Fall

The seasons are changing, the leaves are falling – which means that summer produce will soon be gone. We often think of winter as

Produce Spotlight: Summer Squash

Few vegetables say “summer” like summer squash - it’s even in the name! I’m excited to introduce you to four different varieties of Summer

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