Food and Fitness Freedom: Creating Habits that Stick


There’s just no time for self-care.

At least, that’s what it feels like.

You’re tired of spending so much time worrying about the next meal, thinking about cravings, or feeling guilty for skipping your workout.

You can’t seem to get off the rollercoaster of diets and fitness challenges.

You’re worried you’re setting bad habits for your family and passing on your struggles to the next generation.

Between balancing work, your kids’ schedule, and trying to maintain a social life – it seems there no time to fit in exercise, let alone find time to have dinner as a family.

We’re here to tell you: there’s a better way!



With Food & Fitness Freedom you will…

Love what you eat & how you feel.

Gain freedom from the small voice in your head telling you what or when to eat. Explore new flavors and foods, enjoying variety and the balanced nutrition your body needs to nourish your body and soul.

Go on the hike. Play with your kids. Explore the city.

Fitness is more than just being able to climb a set of stairs without being out of breath. It’s about doing all the things you want to do. You’re ready to enjoy a baseline level of fitness so you can keep up with everyone around you.

Create lasting change.

Step off the rollercoaster of dieting and 30-day fitness challenges and create sustainable habits as you step into a lifestyle you love so much you never want to quit.


Put food and fitness on autopilot so you can get back to living a life you love, spending time with the people and passions you care about.





Meet the Food & Fitness Freedom Program

We don’t have to tell you; you already know how important good nutrition and physical activity is for you.

It’s not that you don’t think it’s important – it’s that you’ve never before been able to fit it all the things you “should” be doing for your health around that crazy schedule of yours.

What’s different about our program, you ask? Instead of trying to fit your life around a one-size-fits-all meal or training plan, we start with YOUR schedule, your needs, and your comfort level in the kitchen and in the gym – then we teach you step by step how to create a nutrition and fitness routine which allows you to feel your best to live your best life.

Our program focuses on three essential pieces of long-term health: nutrition, physical activity, and brain training.


If you’re ready to let go of food rules, make peace with all different kinds of foods – yes, even cookies and ice cream – and nourish your body from the inside-out, you’re in the right place.

After completing our program, you’ll know how to:

-Intuitively eat the right amount of the right foods for your body
-Confidently enjoy eating out with friends, without worrying about “ruining” your diet
-Conjure up a meal out of “nothing” for your family in 30 minutes or less

Physical Activity

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I could never be a runner,” you’re in the right place.

Exercise shouldn’t be punishment, but those old voices in your head telling you what you *can* and *can’t* do are sometimes difficult to push past.

We’ll celebrate the end of this 6-week program by completing – either walking, running, or a combination of both – the Mindful Marathon Virtual 5k Race. If this is something you never thought you could do, we dare you to give us a try!

Brain Training

Habits are like a well-worn trail in your brain. That’s why changing them is so hard: you not only have to break ground on a completely new path, it also takes time for the old path to overgrow enough that you can’t see it anymore. 

Until that happens, you have to be careful and intentional to choose the path you want to walk.

During this 6-week program, we’ll walk alongside you through the ups and the downs to equip you with the tools you need to make lasting change.


Program Details

The 6-week program starts the week of October 3, 2022. We’ll cover one of these six modules per week, starting by celebrating each person’s wins, followed by a short lesson, then a live question & answer session.

Coaching calls are hosted in a group format to give you the benefit of support of others who are walking the same path as you, creating new habits for the long-term. Each person will receive individual attention during the live question & answer session and our email inbox will be open to you for the duration of the course; you will have as much 1-1 support as you like!

Coaching sessions will be held live via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Eastern time (5:00 PM Mountain / 6:00 PM Central) and will be recorded and uploaded to the program portal for anyone unable to attend, or for you to simply go back and review any topics you found particularly relevant.

Program Schedule

  • Week 1: 10/4 – BEGIN by identifying goals + finding your why

  • Week 2: 10/11 – LISTEN to your body to know how to give the right amount of effort to exercise and how much and when to eat

  • Week 3: 10/18 – SIMPLIFY your nutrition and fitness, rather than try and follow a rigid meal or training plan that’s not right for you

  • Week 4: 10/25 – OVERCOME common obstacles, find motivation, and get back on track

  • Week 5: 11/1 – TROUBLESHOOT challenges as they arise, like what to do with picky eaters and how to incorporate rest and recovery into your training plan

  • Week 6: 11/8 – PLAN for the future, creating a plan for holiday eating and identifying your health non-negotiables


By joining the program, you also receive a 3 month subscription to the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guide Membership to solidify your meal planning rhythm. You also receive FREE registration to the Mindful Marathon Fall Virtual 5k Race which will be the culminating event as we celebrate your progress in the program! You’re welcome to run, walk, or do a combination of the two in this virtual race.

Throughout the course we’ll also be providing a TON of bonus material to support you in your goals: from warm ups to cool downs to meditation guides to how-to cooking videos, we’ve developed all the tools you need for success and we’re including them in your registration.

PLUS as part of this group program, you’ll benefit from learning from OTHER people’s challenges, successes, and questions – so you don’t have to feel alone in your journey!


Meet Your Coaches

Coach Michelle of Mindful Marathon and Dietitian Ann of Peas and Hoppiness are experts in their respective fields of fitness and nutrition, and have over 15 years of combined experience coaching clients to make long-lasting change.

We’ve been where you are: trapped by fear and food rules, wishing for a consistent way of incorporating exercise without hating what you’re doing.

This is why we’re so passionate about helping beginners – cooks and exercisers! – learn how to create sustainable habits that fit into your busy lifestyle to give you freedom to exit the rollercoaster of fad diets and unused gym memberships. Instead, we’ll teach you how to put food and fitness on autopilot so you can get back to spending your time with the people and passions you care about.


Ann Kent, MS, Registered Dietitian

Ann Kent is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutrition. She created the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guide Membership to make mealtime easier for busy families.

Ann bridges the gaps between sustainable agriculture; food and cooking; and nutrition using seasonal produce to create delicious, plant-forward, nutrient-dense meals.

“Working with Ann is like working alongside a coach. She creates a non-judgmental space to learn and explore nutrition. In a world where there is so much information and new fads, it was refreshing to have Ann navigate the world of food in a simple and attainable manner.”

-E.A., 1-1 Nutrition Coaching client with Dietitian Ann


Michelle Quirk, MD, Certified Run Coach

Dr. Michelle Quirk is a board-certified pediatrician and a certified run coach with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). She founded Mindful Marathon to help make running easy and fun for busy professionals.

Using an informed, enjoyable, and effective approach, she coaches her athletes to embrace and enjoy movement.

“I didn’t think I would like running or have time for it and assumed I would become injured if I ran. After working with Coach Michelle, I enjoy running!”

-Dr. Rashmi, client with Coach Michelle


This program is for you if:

  • You’re so busy you find it difficult to make time for self-care

  • You want to sleep better at night, avoid the 3 o’clock lull, and have better energy

  • You’re committed to being your best self

  • You want to participate in all the fun meals – holiday foods, happy hour with your co-workers – without feeling guilty

  • You want to do all the things – active family vacations, playing kickball with your kids – without feeling out of breath

  • You’re not looking for a quick-fix

  • It’s more important to you to feel good and be healthy than to change the number on the scale


This program might NOT for you if:

  • You want to lose a lot of weight in a hurry

  • You can’t commit to 1-2 hours per week to devote to self-care

  • You’re not ready to do the work of uncovering the underlying reasons for a lack of progress in the past


Unbeatable Value from Expert Coaches

Included in the 6-Week Program:

  • SIX Live online coaching sessions with Coach Michelle + Dietitian Ann, held weekly starting the first week of October 2022 ($1,188 value)

  • THREE months of Peas & Hoppy Meal Guides ($39 value)

  • Entry into Mindful Marathon Virtual 5k Race ($59 value)

  • BONUS training material including guide to warm ups, cool downs, yoga & strength for runners classes, peak performance meditation, guide to race day ($59 value)

  • BONUS mealtime resources including vegetable prep & how-to cooking videos ($59 value)

  • Community support from busy people like you (priceless!)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,404

Join Now for just 2 Payments of $297

OR Save $97 and Pay in Full for $497


Frequently Asked Questions

  • YES! Working with people who * think * they don’t like running is Coach Michelle’s specialty. She’ll design a training program to meet you where you are in whatever stage of fitness and guide you to YOUR goal – whether it’s walking or running the fall 5k… or somewhere in between!

  • Maybe, maybe not. Weight loss is not the primary goal of this program, but some people will see a change in weight after 12 weeks of sustained nutrition and physical activity changes.

    We want you to FEEL GOOD in your body: meaning you have energy to do the things you love, you feel confident in how you look, you’re not constantly stressed about what you’re feeding your family for dinner or finding yourself sans exercise for the third week in a row.

    While diet culture tells us it’s weight loss that achieves these goals, the science says otherwise. When you focus on feeling good first, everything else falls in line.

  • Nope. No counting, no tracking, nobody looking over your shoulder. As Ann puts it, “It’s frankly none of my business what you eat; it’s between you and your body.”

    Instead of focusing on the numbers, Ann uses an Intuitive Eating approach to nutrition. You’ll learn a much more effective way to know how much to, relying on signals from your body instead of a scripted diet plan.

  • This program is not designed to teach you to follow a strict diet of any sort, but rather to teach you to connect with your body’s own hunger and fullness cues. This approach can work with almost any eating pattern, as it allows you to honor your body’s specific nutrition needs.

    However, Ann will not be providing specific medical nutrition therapy in this group program. If you would like individual nutrition counseling, consider scheduling a 1-1 nutrition coaching session with her. Please note that due to licensing laws in different states, she may not be able to see you as a medical nutrition therapy client. Reach out to her directly with questions.

  • Absolutely yes! Coach Michelle can help tailor the training program to your unique needs. Even though “Run Coach” is in her title, she has plenty of experience with all levels of athletes to meet you where you are. If you choose not to run at all in this program, simply replace the word “run” with “fitness” anywhere you see it and you’ll be good to go.

  • You can cook as much (or as little) as you want. Cooking at home is a great way to explore new flavors and nourish your body, but it’s not the only way. Ann has years of experience working with hundreds of people to improve their nutrition. She’s got plenty of tricks up her sleeve to help you create a nutrition plan that works for YOU.

  • This 6-week program begins the first week of October. We wrap up the week of November 6 and will celebrate together with the Mindful Marathon virtual 5k held the following week. You’ll be done before the busy holiday season starts!

    All weekly live coaching sessions will be recorded, so if you’re not able to join you can still access all the information at your own pace!


Have another question you don’t see listed here? Send us a message using the form below and we’ll respond within one business day.


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