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Save Money and Prevent Food Waste with these 3 Meal Planning Tips

Did you know an estimated 30-40% of the food supply in the US is lost to food waste? (source)



Shedding and Keeping: An Alternative to Traditional New Year’s Resolutions

You know one of the most frustrating things about changing habits?

It takes time.

Habits are like a well-worn trail in your brain. That’s

Emotional Hunger: How to Nourish Your Soul

Emotional hunger.

I bet I don’t even have to define it. I bet - intuitively - you know what I’m talking about.

In the

New Year, New Decade

There is a new year around the corner - but not just a new year, a whole new decade. Usually around this time

She’s All In.

Oh, hey there!

Did you think I had forgotten about you?

I haven’t. It’s just that you, like my dear sourdough

Big Rocks: Prioritizing what Matters Most

With a new year around the corner, I’ve been thinking recently about happiness. How does one pursue it? And even more importantly, how


A year ago I wrote a post called Balance. In it I offered productive solutions to care for mind, body, and soul. During

5 Tips to Beat the Body Blues

Summertime is peaking around the corner. And you know what that means: swimsuit season.

Yes, the season you've put off training for

Dream Big & Shop Small

This year I'm participating for the first-time-ever as a seller next week on Small Business Saturday. If you haven't heard of it, this is the

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